UPVC Locks

You the customer will find at DP Locksmiths that we will often be less expensive compared to competitors this is due to our locksmith living local and us not being a nationwide firm trying to take over the planet and take away business from the local firms.  We have been in the trade for quite a few years (over 10 nearly 20) while in the trade DP Locksmiths has become a well recognised  specialist in UPVC Locks and servicing  local area.

Double glazed windows and doors start working smoothly but after time can start being difficult to lock and this is the time to call your Local Locksmith,  but in the hope of things magically fixing itself (if never really does) some people decide to wait and put off what could be a minor adjustment, if you wait to long what can happen and does happen on a regular basis is the whole upvc window or door completely fails.  This tends to happen when outside in the cold or rain, we provide a 24hour emergency locksmith service to help you back again into your property, but the mechanism failing could mean a new mechanism and not a easy adjustment and a lot more hassle and cost.  DP Locksmiths UPVC Locks Department are able to offer a big selection of UPVC products and expert services to suit all your needs and budgets.  We look after and maintain upvc doors in domestic and business properties.

We don’t only deal with problem window and doors we can help breath life back into old tired handles and locks contact us today to find out how. Our additional services incorporate security upgrades to all window and door . Our commitment to customer care and satisfaction helps make us be the number one upvc solution company.

Older UPVC companies may not be around any more we can provide you with repairs to their products, no one is more dedicated to providing quality than DP Locksmiths, patio doors, conservatory doors regardless of the age or make. We will have a solution for you our valued clients.  We offer upvc double glazing lock repairs and maintenance throughout the local area and beyond.  Some day the troubles will start to form but your UPVC Locksmith specialist are ready willing and able to help and advise you

DP Locksmith able help save you the expense of purchasing brand new upvc double glazed windows and doors, we will be able to give you a big selection of solutions. we offer hinges & locks and other security products for home and business. UPVC doors require lubrication for maintenance and preventative action on all moving portions inside of the framework.

We give free advice and a standard hourly labour rate when you need us to come out. DP Locksmith supply and fit high security anti snap door barrels as and when needed at very competitive prices. We get pleasure in knowing that we have done the very best job  with outstanding assistance along the way with value for money. DP Locksmith uses our specialist knowledge and techniques to suit your particular requirements to repair and service all UPVC locks.

As all our customers know we pride ourselves in offering the very best service and highest skill levels to give you the number one  UPVC Locksmith solutions


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