Home Security Systems Worthing

home secpicYour Home Security Systems Worthing should be considered carefully, here at DP Locksmiths we can help and advise you with your all round Home Security Systems.



Locks, and if you’ve locked them, are one of the first things a potential burglar will notice. Clean new looking locks, with the right amount fitted, in the right positions, on every potential access point to your property will put them off.
If you want to be an easy target, don’t lock your doors or windows, or have inadequate amount, and your home could be next. We know and understand there is only so much you can do to keep your family and home secure, but could you do more ? We offer free advise and surveys, what have you got you lose ??


Intruder/ Burglar Alarms

alarm box dpIntruder/ Burglar Alarms are a must have item in your home or business, they offer great peace of mind for you and the occupiers. They act as a great visual and physical deterrent for any potential burglars.

What more do you need to know ?
You may think you cant afford 1, but the real question you should ask yourself is, can you afford not to have one ?

Nowadays a Intruder/burglar Alarm can be fitted to suit any requirement and budget.
You may think disruption ? Well very little disruption would be caused, usually about as much disruption in each room as hanging a picture.


Access Control/ Door Entry/ Intercom Systems

Access Control/ Door Entry/ Intercom Systems are a great way to help beef up your Home Security Systems. They still allow a good standard of security but, you also get the convenience of ease of controlled access to your property.



safe picSafes are invaluable for storing those irreplaceable items. When we have been out to our customers properties after a break in we hear the same reoccurring theme, they say something along the line of ” its the stuff you can never replace”. If you been burgled or know someone who has, you know what I’m saying is true, the other 1 other they say ? The laptop, its not the laptop itself, its the pictures on it, please, back them up on a memory stick (in the safe) or in the “Cloud”

For all the items you cant replace, please, GET A SAFE

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