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Door Entry Systems and the whole security of  your property has never been so important, with crime on the increase theives and crimals are becomimng more desperate if your property looks like a easy target then they will have noticed.

Here a DP Locksmiths Door Entry Systems we can help with all your door entry systems, access control systems, intercom systems, burglar alarm, intruder alarms, locks, safes, security grilles and gates, security shutters, and all your general physical security installations and upgrade issues you have,


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As with all security systems there are many door entry systems to choose from we are able to advise you on what system will best suit your needs and budget, whether you need a one phone door entry system that you can just speak to the visitor or a multi phone door entry system that could be split over various sites needing to view who the visitor is asewll as communicate to them and then allow access to the property.

All our Door Entry Systems come in various different finishes and blend in seamlessly in there surrounding.


We have the Door Entry System solution for you.


We can supply, install, fix and maintain the following:

  • All the main audio and video door entry systems
  • Electric locks including mag locks, electric releases, electric locks and all other electric locking propducts
  • New handsets, entry pannels or spare parts to door entry systems
  • Proximity readers, proximity tags, proximity fobs, proximmity cards
  • Keypads
  • Bio metric readers
  • All other Door Entry related propducts

All our technicians are highly trained company focused engineers and have honed there skills working in the industry over varying amounts of years they can deal with all Door Entry products.

DP Locksmith Door Entry Systems have customer focus attitude and aim to satisfiy all our customers Door Entry Systems needs

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